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X-rays at Body 4 Life Healthcare in London

Body 4 Life Healthcare On sight X-Ray fascilities in London, Paddington and Marylebone

Please note that we have an X-Ray machine on site, so we can take, and look at x-Rays of you during your visit*

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Gait Scan - The Orthotic Group

Gait Scan in London, Paddington and Marylebone

Are your feet causing aches and pains in your legs and back?

Research has shown that 60-70% of people have abnormally functioning feet.

Structural problems in your feet can alter your walking pattern and cause pain throughout your body. Your practitioner can evaluate the way you walk (gait analysis) and determine if you are a candidate for prescription foot orthotics.

Gait Scan will enhance your practitioner’s assessment of your feet and help you understand how prescription orthotics work to restore proper foot function and relieve discomfort.

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Chiropractor for London’s W2 communities of London, Paddington and Marylebone.