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Body 4 Life Healthcare Reviews

What Our London Patients Say

At Body 4 Life Healthcare we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Positive & Non-Judgemental Advice

Body 4 Life as kept me mobile, pain free, and working despite my initial pre consultation acute pain and impaired mobility. With the initial care and corrections, I was able to return to work and travel in a few days and now I am fully recovered. Currently, I embark on infrequent but regular visits to maintain my aging body. Positivity and non-judgemental advice are given and accurately targeted to the patient’s needs and capabilities.

Christopher G.

Very Much Appreciated!

I very much appreciated the thorough examination and the observations about my health status. Was also impressed by the observation of an eye condition and an indicator of medicinal side effects which had not been observed by any previous visit to a healthcare professional.

Regrets that I have to leave London before all necessary work will have been done on my back, on my alignment, but hopefully the exercise regime will help to solidify what has begun. With thanks to Dr. Reid and his receptionist.

Mary M.

Helpful and Great!

Everything has been genuinely helpful and great! Helped to point me in the right direction for overall symptoms and taking Dr Reid’s advice instantly felt great

Roger R.

You Are In Good Hands

I’ve felt much better from the first treatment. Dr Reid (Chiropractor) was very helpful and explained everything about my treatment and how I can improve my back and knee health. I will definitely recommend them to anyone having back or joints pain. It feels good to know you are in good hands, thank you!!

Naima J.

Feeling Better, Even With a Lot of Standing!

I went to see Roger Reid last Friday…after going through my medical history, I received some treatment and could not think I would feel any different… My job is a lot of standing, by Sunday I felt so much better even though I had been standing most of the 12 hour shifts….I will be going back and thoroughly recommend!!!


Left Feeling Better

Roger was extremely helpful and explained everything clearly and concisely. After my introductory consultation and first session I left feeling physically much better and with some very useful advice on how to improve my posture to ensure my neck and back pain didn’t reoccur.

Merik F.

A Big Thank You

After several unsuccessful visits to physios and chiropractors, Roger Reid helped me to my first Ironman with no further injuries to the ones I brought with me for him to resolve. His advice also assisted in me not sustaining any new ones as a result of all the training before and during the event. A big thank you!

Harry C.

Great Clinic

A great clinic with a great doctor! Always takes the time to address any and all concerns I have, helping me modify stretching techniques and increase overall health.

Erin D.

A Standout in the Profession

Many thanks for your ‘magic’ today. Your ability in your profession is outstanding.

I can vouch for this as before I came to you I had tried others, many others… Other chiropractors just didn’t have the manual ability to go with the theory.

Anyway I think that 7 years between a very effective solution to my lower back problem and my visit today is testimonial enough.

Thank you again (see you in 7 years).

Colin I.

A Caring Environment

I want to thank you for the countless adjustments for me and my daughters over the past 3 years, for sharing Kinga with me, for your kind office staff, and for your gracious demeanor.

Michelle B.

The Right Combination of Treatment and Advice

Roger’s short-term treatment remains as effective as the excellent long-term advice, but only when adhered to! Having had treatment over ten years, it is reassuring to remise. With Body 4 Life Healthcare’s help I have managed to achieve an extremely active lifestyle and continue to push the boundaries, during this period the continuous professional development is rigorously evident too. I would not hesitate to recommend a prompt visit in the event of back trouble.

Justin F.

Amazing Results

“Take up thy bed and walk”



Roger Reid did just that for me. I had been slowly losing the use of my legs for years. Chiropractic released the hidden energies as I stride into my 87th year.

Keith G.

Chiropractic Care I Would Recommend!

Chiropractic treatment for my neck and upper back was very effective. I feel much better with increased mobility. I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care from Body 4 Life Healthcare.

Alison B.


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