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Your London Chiropractor in Paddington

family-imgAs the leaders in exceptional care, Body 4 Life Healthcare offers our W2 chiropractic patients in London’s Paddington and Marylebone both excellent advice and the latest in cutting-edge technology. With our chiropractor to serve you, you have access to our combined knowledge and expertise.

Our purpose, is to help you get well and stay well.

“Our strategy is simple,” says Roger Reid (Doctor of Chiropractic). “Great people and great technology. It’s a powerful combination.”

Our People – Great Communicators

It starts with the upbeat, optimistic chiropractor, Roger Reid (Doctor of Chiropractic). He is a great listener whose number one focus is to help you improve your health.

“We’re supported by a great team who make you feel at home, even when your back pain, headaches, joint problems and other health issues make it hard to cope. We truly care. It’s something you’ll notice the moment you walk through our door.”

Body 4 Life Healthcare Provides Natural Solutions for the Whole Family

At Body 4 Life Healthcare, we work hard to understand and deliver the timing of your treatments correctly for YOUR body, using a holistic approach. We use an all-natural approach to healing, backed up with the latest technology.

“Most people see us because they have an obvious ache or pain, they want relief. So that’s where we start. We also offer wellness care to help people of all ages keep their health.”

We want to see people dancing and skipping into their 90’s and beyond!”

Roger Reid – Doctor of Chiropractic

We want to have a great and positive impact on our community and to promote health and wellbeing, through good nutrition, exercise, a positive mindset and chiropractic care. How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. We’re here to serve. When can we meet you? Give our Body 4 Life Healthcare staff a call at 020 7402 8999 today to schedule your first appointment!

London Chiropractor for W2 communities of Paddington and Marylebone