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Treatment for Running Injuries in London

man running holding knee in painHelping athletes and runners get back to their sport faster is one of Dr Reid’s greatest passions. An avid runner himself, he’s fascinated with the biomechanics of the foot and what he can do to help runners perform better, lower their risk of injury and recover faster.

Enjoying running again thanks to Roger Reid ‘s orthotics!”
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A Custom Approach for Runners and Walkers

Instead of simply treating the problem, Chiropractor Roger Reid looks at the entire body to determine how best to help you.

To be able to run efficiently, the mechanics (all the joints, muscles and tendons) need to be working well, if something is not working the way it is supposed to, this may lead to pain, soreness, discomfort, poor performance, recurrent injuries, tendinopathies, overuse syndromes, stress fracture, heal spurs and more.

Though you may come to us with foot pain, the problem may have originated in the hip, knee, or even lower back. It’s also common for problems to begin in the foot and impact other regions—after all, the feet are the base of your body, and they need to be functioning to the best of their ability to ensure you’re moving exactly as you were designed to.

At our practice, we often treat runners and athletes dealing with injuries with a whole-body approach that might include:

  • Custom stretches and exercises to strengthen the necessary areas
  • Custom orthotic inserts to ensure proper comfort and foot alignment during activities
  • Spinal and foot adjustments
  • Shoe recommendations

Unique and Specialised Training

Dr Reid is committed to providing his patients with the absolute best care possible. In addition to completing yearly courses and continued training related to the spine, he is an experienced athlete and seasoned racer, he is also fascinated with the mechanics of movement and running and has spent 20 years reading researching, questioning and studying the cause and treatment of a range of biomechanical problems relating the feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine and on how he can provide solutions and relief for patients dealing with these problems.

He has dedicated the last 20 years to becoming an expert in the biomechanics of the feet and running.

When you choose us for your care, you’re opting for a practice that will listen to your concerns and address them in the best way possible, incorporating advanced scanning technology into your care.

Discover How We Can Help

Whether you’re an occasional jogger, a weekend warrior, a marathon runner or a seasoned racer, we can help you overcome foot and knee related injuries. To learn more about your options, contact our practice today to book you visit. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.


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