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Self-Cracking—A Real Pain in the Neck

person sitting at a computer with a sore neckToo many hours working on the computer, watching TV, or scanning your phone, can result in spinal muscles becoming stiff and tired, these postural issues may cause stiff joints, these could also be from not moving enough or from sleeping in a bad position or a knock or bump.

When your neck gets stiff and sore, you might be tempted to try to fix it yourself. Take our advice; Don’t do it; you may cause more harm than good.

Training Makes a Difference

Chiropractors undergo six years of training, including how to locate the injured area and the proper method to correct the issue, when it is indicated. At Body 4 Life Healthcare, we use specific techniques to address your issues at the source, expertly freeing the restricted stiff joints, decreasing pain, relaxing the muscles, and increasing range of motion.

When patients attempt to crack their own necks, it may involve a big twist, side bend, or quick flicks. Unfortunately, they often miss the real trouble spot and end up not clicking the restricted stiff joint but rather the one above or below!

A Startling Discovery

Early on in practice, Chiropractor Roger Reid had a patient who wasn’t getting the results he expected. One day, he witnessed her in a coffee shop cracking her own neck. When he asked why, she told him she did it all the time. Now he understood why she wasn’t sustained improvement as she was creating hypermobile unstable joints by clicking several times a day and not clicking the right spots, He also learned this was a common practice. Now he asks all his new patients if they do it too and finds if he gets them to stop clicking things themselves, he gets much better and more sustained results.

We find that when people attempt to crack their own necks, they end up really tight at the top and bottom of their necks as they aren’t skilled enough to get those ones and everything in the middle becomes way too loose. It’s like giving yourself a whiplash injury in installments. In fact, when comparing the X-rays of an auto accident whiplash patient with those of a long-time “self-cracker,” they often look very similar!!

Better Results Are Possible

Self-cracking may feel better momentarily, but without the long-lasting results you need. Generally people who click their own necks and backs find that they have to it more and more often to get the same relief and things slowly deteriorate. With chiropractic care, you’ll need less and less treatments and the problems will get better and bette. We’ll help your body heal in a natural and holistic way with specific treatment, exercises, stretches and advice Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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